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The Advisory Committee

To achieve a continuous assessment of the content and administration of the certification scheme, the Danish Energy Agency has set up an advisory committee with representatives from the users of the scheme and from the certifying companies.

The committee’s main objectives are:

  • To advice the Danish Energy Agency concerning general questions about the certification scheme.

  • To advice the Danish Energy Agency concerning the approval of certification bodies.

  • To advice the Danish Energy Agency concerning issues about the administration of the scheme, including interpretation of the basic rules and development of new rules and regulations.

  • To advice the Danish Energy Agency when setting up committees in the case of considerable damages/breakdowns on wind turbines.

The Danish Energy Agency appoints the representatives of the Advisory Committee and the secretary’s duties are managed by the EGV-secretary. 

The Advisory Committee members are:

  • Per H. Lauritsen , Chairman, Siemens Wind Power (Danish Wind Industry Association)

  • Ole Sønderby , Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Danish Wind Industry Association)

  • Svend Enevoldsen , HSWind (SWT Manufacturers)

  • Strange Skriver , Dansk Vindmølleforening (Danish Wind Turbine Owners' Association)

  • Truels Kjær , Codan (Insurance Companies)

  • Knud Johansen , Energinet.dk (TSO)

  • Leo Jensen , DONG Energy (Wind farm Owners and Operators)

  • Christer Eriksson , DNV KEMA (Certifying Bodies)

  • Peter Hauge Madsen , DTU Wind Energy (DS S-588 and TC88)

  • Bent Johansen , Vattenfall (Wind farm Owners and Operators)

  • Hans Peter Porskjær , DMP Mølleservice (Certified Maintenance and Service Companies) 

  • Reinhard Schlesselmann , GL-Wind (Certifying Bodies)

  • Thomas Wiborg Kortsen , Energimidt (Grid Operator)

  • Erik Lund Lauridsen ,Arbejdstilsynet

  • Christine Weibøl Bertelsen , Danish Standard

  • Stine Poulsen , Danish Energy Agency


  • Peggy Friis , Godkendelsessekretariatet, DTU Wind Energy

  • Pernille Daub , Godkendelsessekretariatet, DTU Wind Energy