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Approving and certifying bodies

The Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme keeps a list of bodies which can perform within the following categories:

  • Type certification

  • Project certification, certification of modification and relocation

  • Test and measurement laboratories

  • Certification of QA-systems

Most of the registered bodies are accredited by the Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund, DANAK or by a similar recognized international accreditation body that is a co-signatory to the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA)’s multilateral agreement on mutual recognition. These appear from the lists below marked with X.

Project certification of onshore wind turbines can be carried out by a non-accredited certification body. The certification body in question must however be approved by the Danish Energy Authority. These also appear on the lists below marked with X.


List of registered bodies:

Registered bodies according to "Executive order no. 73 of January 26th 2013 on the technical certification scheme for wind turbines"

Type- and project certificates

Type measurements

Type characteristic measurements and Quality System evaluations, including service companies

Companies approved by the Danish Ministry of the Environment to measure "External noise" (external link in danish)



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