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Technical certification scheme for design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and service of wind turbines



Wind turbines including foundation to be installed, maintained and serviced in Denmark or in Danish waters must be certified according to the requirements in the Danish Certification Scheme.


The rules and procedures are described The Danish Energy Agency's Executive Order on The Technical Certification Scheme for wind turbines no. 73 of January 25th 2013 and the appurtenant guideline.


This web site gives information on the structure of the Scheme, the attached advisory committees and the rules and procedures. It also include lists of certifying companies and certificates issued.



The certification scheme is managed by:











Useful Links

The ‘Energy Agency’s Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme’

DTU Wind Energy
Technical University of Denmark

Risø Campus

Frederiksborgvej 399
Building 118
DK-4000 Roskilde

E-mail: vindmoellegodkendelse@dtu.dk




Peggy Friis

Senior Advisor and Coordinator

Phone: +45 2132 8198

E-mail: pegf@dtu.dk


Pernille Skouboe Daub

Technical Employee

Phone: +45 2012 3342

E-mail: daub@dtu.dk